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I'm middle-aged line cook, crazy about food, exploring Portland and Oregon.


I was born in New Jersey but have lived in NJ, eastern Penna, Washington DC, San Francisco, DC (again), and, most recently, Dallas Texas.
I moved to Portland in February, 2008. This city continues to amuse and delight me with it's people, attitude, and food.
I'm grateful to be here, cooking in the beautiful kitchen of my SE Portland house, and having fun with my dog Belmont.


My dog Belmont, my sweetie Christopher, good beer, red wine, whiskey, cooking, eating, farmer's markets, the Coast, walking my dog Belmont, and thrift shops. and drinking beer in beervana -- portland. For kicks, check out my first blog, CULA Confidential, which chronicles my years in culinary school and my first two jobs: